Fun love

Meeting through electromagnetic waves

He didn’t even know my name

I knew I’d never be the same

Maybe I’d learn to live again

Someone I wanted for a friend

I’ll love him ’til the very end

My future Husband

My best friend

He’s truly now the only one

That I won’t ever choose to run

For when he’s gone

He’s in my mind

He smiles at me

And he is kind

My Husband who some may despise

Yet when I look into his eyes

All I see in front of me

With every single part of me

Is that in him I am complete

Without him would be a tragedy

Every day when he is gone

Forced in this world to be so strong

My heart awaits him to come home

Sometimes I wish he had a clone ;)

Selfishly then I thank God

That I don’t have an outside job

To go out in the world again

Without my love

My one best friend

I couldn’t function without him

They’d lock me in the Ward again

Since my Husband is my best friend

That will stick with me until the end

I thought I’d write a poem for him

And so I did and now you see

That anyone can rhyme like me

I’m having fun with poetry

And kind of mocking people’s writing

Where they think that if it’s rhyming

One must then forget the timing

Interpretation gone

And so I’ll close how I began

I love my Husband

My best friend

I hope he laughs

when he sees

A poem for him

A poem for me

Remembering the irony

I love you Justin Fink!!!

Writer, Wife, Mama to many. My book of poetry, "Wandering Through the Darkness" can be found at Visit me at

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