a poem

Tumbleweeds inside my soul
mount up into gardens of rotted brush

They need to be tended to before they
drown out all that is left of who I
know I need to be

Drowning amidst dirt and gravel
I try to breathe
as memories flood my neverending desire
to resolve issues that have led to madness

My mind races beyond the
gardens ability to render much
needed nutrients I long to feed on

I crave anything and everything that
might numb these emotions
for they won’t let me see past the misery

Oh please someone come and rescue me
from this garden of death.

Writer, Wife, Mama to many. My book of poetry, "Wandering Through the Darkness" can be found at https://tinyurl.com/yaos7vp3 Visit me at Misfit-believer.com

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