How are those demons treating you?

There is a difference between demon possession and demon oppression.

Within a melancholy

state of mind

I sing

I dance

Block out the thoughts

Could these thoughts possibly

be mine?

Maybe they’re not

Perhaps an evil spirit sits

Upon my back and whispers

Things I never wanted to find out

Or wished I had forgot

Am I possessed, you ask

How preposterous that sounds

To think for you to think of such a thought

Perhaps I am oppressed

As demons crawl around my head

They try to burrow lies inside

Accusatory thoughts

“Just say a prayer,” they said

Yet I didn’t know how to pray

The demons out that were not there

Even though evil may chase me

Even though I get confused

They will never enter into

A place where I am sealed

I know that if someone hates me

It’s not their hate that stands before me

But influences from spiritual realms

That most are too afraid to see

Writer, Wife, Mama to many. My book of poetry, "Wandering Through the Darkness" can be found at Visit me at

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