A Poem About Writing

La La La

It’s all about the writing

Or it’s all about the coping

So intermixed and intertwined

Do I live to write

Or write to live

Either way, there is no excuse to play

Games with life to feed emotions

Not felt before

When you see me write

I’m usually sad or ashamed




Anything but pleased

I guess I try to find these things in life

So I will continue to write

For I would rather that than give

This pen and paper away for good

It’s my best friend

It does not tell

It lets me say anything I feel

Yet I do not have to give details

To give myself away

My writing knows the words I speak

The years I live

Memories I keep

I can write about anything

Yet sadness still remains

To entertain this hand

That will not stop writing

I write and read it in the end

Always discovering my best friend

My writing knows me better

And I get to know me better

From the little brain

That must be intertwined

Between my hand and mind

Writer, Wife, Mama to many. My book of poetry, "Wandering Through the Darkness" can be found at https://tinyurl.com/yaos7vp3 Visit me at Misfit-believer.com

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