A Poem

Before I take these pills again

I wonder what they do

I wonder what truly enters in

I wonder what it changes

I wonder who I'd be

If I’d never touched a pill

Would I have this personality

Would my life mean something else

For now it seems to revolve around the pills themselves

Did I take the pill, how did that pill feel, please don’t ever stop taking your pills, oh man, you stopped taking your pills again? Here’s some more pills-swallow ’em down- there you go

So here I go again to take these pills I no longer wish to count,

These pills that possess my inner being making me what I am now and will be as I morph into whatever the Dr. wants from me

All these pills inside of me

The portal to my identity

Writer, Wife, Mama to many. My book of poetry, "Wandering Through the Darkness" can be found at https://tinyurl.com/yaos7vp3 Visit me at Misfit-believer.com

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