A Poem

Beneath illusions of time

My soul cries out for relief

A lonesome place to be

When thoughts felt

Lie underneath

Solitude befriends my being

Communication ceases

I want to be alone

Solitude brings unnatural peace

Yet sucks out all of the joy once felt

A frown upon my lips

Realizing the only friend I have left is me

Yet at the same time

I have become the enemy

I can’t stand another moment

Of hearing lofty voices

That just won’t cease

Inside my mind

A trick in time before I’m gone

Others view me as cold, aloof, forlorn

Yet I’m not void of emotion

as they may think

I’m scared

And there’s a difference

Social situations terrify me

Leaving butterflies dancing ‘round

Within my stomach

I’d do anything to rid

Myself of them

I hit the ground

Can’t hold up my head

The shame abounds

For I thought the dead

Within apathetic whispers

Would rise above

Performing a cure for sorrow

It’s not enough

And so I face another day

Trying to thank God for everything

But darkness follows me

A shadow where death to self arises

The devil whispers in my ear again

Oh solitude, why do you haunt me

When nothing changes and I didn’t

Want to manifest myself this way

Please depart from me

Before it becomes too late

Until then I’ll wait in solitude

At least until things seem

A bit more bearable

Within this empty tomb

And until then I will

Apologize for my

Isolative behavior

I treated you not

As a friend

Acknowledging the waves

Of selfishness

I’ll try to change again

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