Walking Along the Railroad Tracks

A Poem

As I walked along the railroad tracks

That could have been the death of me

Instead of depression

I felt peace

Each step turned into inner power

Energy welled up as I journeyed faster

Brisk air filled up my lungs

Birds sang beautifully overhead

Sunlight intertwined with clouds

Sending a kiss to my entire being

I thanked God for another day

And kept on wandering

Imagining the future of Heaven

Knowing my eternal home

Would be more amazing than

This euphoric feeling

Yet breathed in the enormity

Of God’s amazing wonders

I whispered a prayer of gratitude

To the Creator

And smiled

Writer, Wife, Mama to many. My book of poetry, "Wandering Through the Darkness" can be found at https://tinyurl.com/yaos7vp3 Visit me at Misfit-believer.com

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